To CHANEL or not to CHANEL




This has been an on going question in my mind recently…….

should i invest (and I’m assured it is an investment, as apparently the value just goes up and up) in a Chanel bag????

Long have i coveted the classic black Chanel bag and variations on it like the one below… but it was actually a trip to Hong Kong where EVERYONE seems to have one that started me thinking… is it worth it???

I have looked at lots of vintage websites such as vintage heirloom offering better prices but still we are talking about A LOT of money for a student like me at least £1,700
and that’s if I want a vintage/second hand one!

I wish I had a quirky aunt or a super fashionable grandma who I could inherit such things from but sadly no….

I love love love the Idea of it but is it worth it?!

logo chanel


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