oily skin…. the perfect solution

I recently had a fringe cut in for the second time and i absolutely love it (despite people now mistaking me for a 16 year old)

however…. it has given me horrible oily skin especially on my forehead

But I have found the PERFECT SOLUTION!!!

On the weekend I went home home (where my parents live) to London and visited one of my favourite shops the body shop and asked the lady at the counter what she would recommend for my oil problem…….

so I bought this amazing seaweed mattifying cream


now my face is no longer an oil slick but a lovely matt oil free zone!

I combined it with a layer  of No. 7 beautifully matt make up base and a little spritz of dry shampoo under my fringe and hey presto! I am oil free all day….

miracle cure!

miracle cure!


To CHANEL or not to CHANEL




This has been an on going question in my mind recently…….

should i invest (and I’m assured it is an investment, as apparently the value just goes up and up) in a Chanel bag????

Long have i coveted the classic black Chanel bag and variations on it like the one below… but it was actually a trip to Hong Kong where EVERYONE seems to have one that started me thinking… is it worth it???

I have looked at lots of vintage websites such as vintage heirloom offering better prices but still we are talking about A LOT of money for a student like me at least £1,700
and that’s if I want a vintage/second hand one!

I wish I had a quirky aunt or a super fashionable grandma who I could inherit such things from but sadly no….

I love love love the Idea of it but is it worth it?!

logo chanel